Well, Hello August…


August is a month of transition. From a Chinese medicine perspective we are moving from the outward and expanded energy of the Fire element associated with the first half of summer, into the second half of summer which is connected to the nourishing and receiving energy of the element of Earth. Just as Mother Earth provides us with the nourishment we need- so does the Earth element, as it acts as a “Hub” for the remaining 4 elements- a pivot from which they draw their nourishment and support from.
Earth energy rules the stomach and spleen and supports our digestion on all levels; from the “rumination” of our thoughts as we chew and worry about something to the physical digestion of our food. People whose Earth element is out of balance tend to get “stuck”- mentally and physically, and have difficulty processing things. For some people, excessive worrying can actually lead to indigestion.
On an emotional level, this can also manifest as an inability to absorb and feel nourished by life, resulting in either overeating or undereating. In both cases the person feels unsupported in some way and turns to food as a way of self-validation.
How is the “Earth” element best supported? Make sure to eat a balance of cooked and raw foods. From a Chinese Medical perspective, when the digestion is already compromised, consuming too many cold foods and beverages can lead to more digestive challenges such as bloating and gas. Heavier meals should also be avoided as they require a lot of energy to digest.
Lastly, take a break and stop worrying! Don’t sweat the small stuff! It may sound too simplistic, but just do it! Most of the things people worry about are things that they have no control over. Accept you have no control and move on to something that you can do something about. This helps shift the focus from helplessness to positive action.
In Love and Light and good health!


Message of the Month

Creative Expectations

I release my attachment to knowing how my creative projects or life should or will unfold. I stay open and flexible to all possibilities, which leads me to creative discovery rather than disappointment.(taken from the “Creative Prosperity Playdeck” created by Melissa Mc Farlane & Allison Rice)


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