May is here!

Hard to believe that it is already May!  As you all know we have made some wonderful changes at Kenneally Acupuncture The Healing Resource Center.

We burst out of Winter into the Spring and we are moving more, connecting more, and experiencing more. Just as all the beautiful flowers are beginning to really show up- so are we, as our energy continues to expand and we shake off the slower, contracted energy of Winter.

Summer is right around the corner… so don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Summer Seasonal Acupuncture & Healing Event on Saturday June 18th , 2016.


Message of the Month

The year is speeding by, and things are changing so rapidly that it is sometimes difficult to see where we’ve come from, where we are and where we are going!

I have written a lot about the energy of Spring; letting go, clearing out the clutter, fresh starts, making the space for the “new “ to come in and moving forward with our lives.   This month is about Integration and Assimilation.

In.te.grate ( v.)  1) To make into a whole; unify. 2) To join with something else; unite.

As.sim.i.late (v.) 1) To take in, digest, and transform (food) into living tissue. 2) To take in; understand. 3) To make or become similar.


Let’s pause for a moment and take a look around.  What do you see? What do you feel? Are there things that you understand now that had previously escaped you? Sometimes we are engaged with so much of the change going on in our lives that we forget to stop and take a breath, rest and feel nourished. It’s time to experience this new level of fullness in your life, to integrate and assimilate the new information.

This is already happening on a cellular level. The body does this beautifully and naturally, when it’s given the right amount of food and nutrients.  While it is digesting and absorbing what it needs, sifting and sorting, it is discarding and releasing what it doesn’t! How perfect is that?

Is the forward motion still there? Yes of course! Do you have what you need to continue the journey? The right “nutrients” to move to the next level are available to you. Take a moment to pause and “digest” them.  Stand on the plateau and take a look around – see what’s ahead, but be in the present moment. Experience the fullness of your life! Stop and smell the roses and enjoy!





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