April 2017 Events


We had a wonderful Spring Seasonal Acupuncture Event in March! I want to send out a big “Thank You” to everyone that made it such a special day!

Kenneally Acupuncture & the Healing Light Resource Center thanks you for your continued patronage and support. We are grateful to be a part of your healing journey and path to wellness.

Be sure to check your emails later in the week for our big announcement  about A Daily Dose of Seasonal Harmony – Harmonizing the Elements of the Season  Within You and how you can sign up!


Our Healing Services Include:


Herbal Medicine


NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique)

Amethyst  Bio Mat  with Far Infrared Technology

Reiki Energy Healing


Did You Knowwe also have a wonderful Gift Store at The Healing Light Resource Center- where you can find unique gifts:

  • Inspirational Books, Cards, handmade jewelry, crystals and gemstones, hand painted silk scarves, Affirmation Socks, Inner Eye Pillows, Angel cards, salt lamps, candles, incense and more!
  • We also carry a selection of herbs, nutritional support as well as Gia Wellness products that provide healthy solutions to living in our wireless world.

Please stop by and visit us!


Message of the Month

Well, now that Spring is in full swing- the energy and the momentum of the season is there to help us jump into our  resolutions, plans and projects.  Now is the time to unclutter our physical space and mental space- to have a clearer vision of what lies ahead and make room to receive it.

There are three parts to clearing out the old and bringing in the new:

  1. Identify and release the things (people, situations, thoughts etc..)  in your life that are holding you back and not moving you forward.
  2. Forgive (yourself, others, situations etc..) and allow healing to occur.
  3. Receive all the wonderful things available to you, enabling you to grow and expand into your next Season!


Gen-er-a-tion noun

  1. A group of people born and living in the same time
  2. The action or process of producing offspring : procreation
  3. The process of coming or bringing into being

To create, to be part of, to continue.  That is the message of the season.  To plant the seeds of our inspiration and to bring forward our ideas into practical application.  We are all connected, whether it is a single point of connection in time or many points along the lines of our generational inheritance.  What have we brought forward?  What do we want to keep nurturing and what do we choose to let go of?  These are the questions to ask ourselves.  Just as we must till the soil to remove debris and allow the fresh earth to be revealed , so must we dig deep to unearth the old patterns  that may be preventing us from moving forward. How can we plant seeds into soil that has been left un prepared, and expect the growth to flourish?  It’s a process.  Dig deep, observe, forgive and let go. Repeat!  Then we can plant the seeds of change and with regular self-nurturing will true change and healing occur.

I was on a hike with a dear friend of mine at Towsley Canyon, and we chose to hike the trail that had been completely burned by a devastating fire we had a few months ago. We both noticed that on the side of the canyon that experienced the most destruction, was also the side that had the most abundant growth of greenery and flowers!  So take heart! Let the energy of the season move you into a state of expanded perspective and beautiful regeneration!


With light in my heart,


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