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The energy of Spring is vibrant, fresh, alive and full of promise of a future yet revealed.  March 21st   is the Spring Equinox when there is an equal amount of light and darkness in our day and it marks the start of a new cycle of life in Nature. The Chinese New Year falls right before the beginning of spring, all the plans we made and formulated in the restful and restorative winter can now be put into action- as we burst forward into the new energies of spring.  These natural energies fully support and push us forward to make those positive changes in our lives. All the “seeds” we plant now will bear fruit and their full expression in the summer. So goes the cycle of the seasons. This is also the optimum time of year to do a “Spring Cleaning” in all areas of your life. Internally and externally. Release all things that are no longer serving your life/health in a positive way.


It’s time to get your Seasonal Acupuncture treatment to assist your physical body in making the transition from Winter to Spring.  At the turn of the season is when our immune system is often tested- and it is not uncommon to see an increase in allergies and colds during these times of year.  Seasonal Acupuncture is a wonderful and effective way to boost your immune system and ease the shift between seasons. Spring Seasonal and the Healing Light Event falls on Saturday  March 21st  from 9am-6pm – featuring  a variety of Spiritual readers and wonderful new items in our gift store that day!  Join us for a weekend of healthy fun!

Spring Seasonal

Spring Seasonal


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AND….Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” on Sunday March 8th- and set your clocks ahead one hour!



What’s Coming Up in April…

Energy Immersion with Ann Mukherjee & Sons, In this introductory session we will do grounding and cleansing visualization followed by silent meditation in the energy field initiated by Ann, John and Shaun, elevated by participants, and accelerated by the ascended master, archangels, angels, guides, and other healing entities who are invited to participate.

Channeled Spiritual Readings with Tysa Goodrich, Tysa brings several elements to her readings. She is an intuitive, emotionally empathic, and a medium. She channels information from your spirit guides to assist you along your life path.

Remembrance Bottle Class with Ann Mukherjee, In this class we will be filling and decorating small glass bottles in commemoration of a special person, place, event, or time period of our lives.  We will take a trip inside to re-visit our special person or time.  We will use memories and insights gained as well as small crystals, decorations, and other substances to represent them. I will have many substances available.  Feel free to bring any tiny objects, charms, flower petals, leaves or other dried organic substances to place inside your bottle.  You may choose to make a small free-standing bottle or a tiny wearable bottle.  If time permits we may make one of each.  I hope you can join me on this journey!


And much, much more…


Have a beautiful month!



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