Happy Chinese New Year!

February 8th, 2016 is Chinese New Year. The year of the Red Fire Monkey! Now is the time to shake things up, create change, and begin a new path. Be wise with your financial investments. Expect lots of activity and opportunities for fun and keep a sense of humor as you enter the rollercoaster ride of 2016!

Wishing you all a prosperous and abundant 2016 filled with love, joy and peace! Kenneally Acupuncture Healing Resource Center thanks you for your continued patronage and support. We are grateful to be a part of your healing journey to wellness.

Our Healing Services Include:

Acupuncture (Kathleen Kenneally L.Ac.)

Herbal Medicine


NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique)

Far Infrared Amethyst Bio-Mat

Reiki Energy Healing

Medical Thermography (Dr. Hillary Smith DC & Nora Fasano B.A. )

Hypnotherapy (Penny Randall C.Ht & Jayne Rutledge C.Ht.)

Neurofeedback& Brain Mapping (Jayne Rutledge C.Ht.)

Shamanic Healing ( Penny Randall C.Ht.)

Did You Knowwe also have a wonderful Gift Store at The Healing Resource Center- where you can find unique gifts:

  • Inspirational books, cards, handmade jewelry, Inner Eye Pillows, crystals and gemstones, handmade scarves, Angel cards, 2016 calendars, salt lamps, candles, incense, t-shirts and more!

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What’s Coming Up…

In Chinese Medicine, wintertime is for reflection, rejuvenation, and review. This season supports rest and slowing down so that we can shore up our reserves and be ready for the forward moving energy of Springtime.  Spring marks the beginning of the cycle of life, essentially the “New Year” where we put our plans into action.

February’s focus is on activating our positive intentions to manifest our dreams and wishes.  Meditation is a wonderful way to balance the mind, calm the spirit and gain more focus for our positive manifestations. As we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Monkey, join us for Men’s weekly Meditation, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation, Meditation for Health, Heart Fire Meditation and much more!  Please come join the fun!


Message for the Month


        “There is only one happiness in life…

…..To love and to be loved”


Tenderness and consideration towards others.  Loving-kindness is used as an English translation for the Hebrew word chesed.  This term is used often in the book of Psalms, and refers to acts of kindness, motivated by love.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? To be motivated by love and to show kindness and consideration towards others.  Most importantly, we must remember to be kind to ourselves.  I have many conversations with people on a daily basis and what I have observed is this, so often people forget to be loving and kind to themselves. Take a moment and think about it.  Do you have negative mental chatter running in your mind? Criticizing and judging?  Now imagine yourself as small child, eager, shining and bright. How do you feel now? What would you say to this beautiful child before you? Would you embrace them, showering them with kisses to show how much you love them? Perhaps they need help in some way or are unsure or scared.  What would you do then? Scold them? Reject them? Of course not! I believe you see my point?

I offer you a suggestion, a new way of thinking.  Remember to be kind to yourself!  In those moments where you are quick to judge or criticize- see the beautiful, joyful child and know that this child resides within you.  LOVE this child! Be KIND to this child.  And see what happens next!

Connect your heart to your spirit. Release the fear, hold on to the love, embrace forgiveness for self and others and let go of judgment. Remember, today and every day…love is all you need!


With Loving-Kindness Always,  Kathleen


February Amethyst Bed Special

February 2016 Special Offer. $20 for 30 min. regularly $35 or $50 for 60 min. regularly $65

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