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Circle One Hypnotherapy & Shamanic Healing, Jayne Rutledge, C.Ht. and Penny Randall, C.Ht. & Santa Clarita Neurofeedback, Jayne Rutledge, C.Ht., Neurofeedback Practitioner

Circle One’s goal is to help you be all you were created to be; to have a healthy, happy, and whole life.
Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, NLP, EFT, and Past Life Regression all work on the subconscious to address behavioral changes.
Shamanic Healing works with energy to heal your soul & spirit.

Neurofeedback works to calm the mind, the body, and emotions.

All of these self empowering tools lead you to dynamic positive changes by defining and achieving your goals. Circle One offers a variety of workshops designed to help you be all you were created to be.

Jayne Rutledge is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Imagery Facilitator, Past Life Regression and Neurofeedback Practitioner, and NLP, EFT and Pain Management Practitioner, and educator.

Penny Randall is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression and Pain Management Practitioner, an ordained minister, a Shamanic Healer, artist, author, and educator.

Jayne Rutledge can be reached at 661-212-2279; Penny Randall can be reached at 818-992-1323 or visit their Website.

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