Seasonal Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are five main elements within our environment and each is connected to a particular season: Wood-spring, Fire-Summer, Earth-Late Summer, Metal- Fall, Water-Winter. The ancient Chinese looked to the natural ebb and flow within the natural world around them and applied this knowledge to define balance, health, and well-being within the body. Energetically it is easy to see how each of these elements differs from one another. For example, the cooler, quieter energy of the Winter moving into the noisy explosion of new life and energy of Spring.

Have your ever noticed that people often get sick with a cold or allergies right around the change of Seasons? It takes energy to shift from one season to the next and if the body’s immune system is already slightly weakened, a cold, virus or allergy has a better chance to talk hold. Seasonal Acupuncture treatments boost the immune system and assist the body in making the transition from one season to the next. These treatments have a cumulative effect on the body and with each seasonal treatment the immune system becomes better able to fight off colds, viruses and allergic reactions. Specific acupuncture points are selected on the body to boost the “element” or season that we are transitioning into. The treatments are relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Here’s what patients have said about the treatments:

“…since I have been having these treatments for the past year and a half, I no longer get the colds and flues that circulate each season.”

“…I’ve had a very poor immune system my entire life and would get sick at least one or more times a year…since I’ve been having these treatments I have not gotten sick once!”

“…18 month prior to starting Seasonal Acupuncture I had pneumonia 4 times and chronic bronchitis. Since starting the Seasonals I haven’t had pneumonia and the bronchitis is greatly reduced. Thank you!”

The Seasonal treatments occur 4 times per year; March, June, September, and December. Here’s to a healthier you! Our next Seasonal Acupuncture is March 22nd from 9am-6pm – featuring a variety of Spiritual readers and wonderful new items in our gift store that day.

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