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New At The Healing Light Resource Center! BLISSFUL SOUL REIKI, LIVE IN BLISS

Dayna Henson is a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful, hands on healing technique that uses spiritual energy to help heal and harmonize all aspects of the person. Dayna’s life’s purpose is to help others in healing: mind, body and spirit. Beginning on July 7th, 2015 Dayna is happy to announce that she will be practicing Reiki at:

The Healing Light Resource Center

27225 Camp Plenty Road, Ste #4

Santa Clarita, CA  91351

Please call or text for your appointment. Dayna – 661-674-9184


EVERY Friday in August 9-10 am Heart Fire Meditation with Corrine Cunningham PhD $12

Meditation is an ancient tradition whose purpose is to develop within an individual a creative unfolding of spiritual consciousness. As a tool, the art and science of meditation cultivates a healthy and positive approach to meeting the challenges of our everyday life. This class includes instruction in a variety of subjects, a 20 minute guided meditation and is open to all levels of meditation experience. Please come and join our community.

Dr. Corrine Cunningham has 40 years of experience in the study, practice and teaching of both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. She has her Ph. D. in Mythological Studies, with an emphasis in Depth Psychology, from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara Ca.

She has her training as a clinical Hypnotherapist from the Santa Barbara Hypnotherapy Institute. Her teaching methods are based on the inspiration of nature, dreams, and the bountiful depths of her playful imagination.


Wednesday August 5th, 2015 11:00am-3:30pm Channeled Spiritual Readings with Tysa Goodrich $45 for 30 min readings

Tysa brings several elements to her readings. She is an intuitive, emotionally empathic, and a medium. She channels information from your spirit guides to assist you along your life path.


Tysa Goodrich is empathic and intuitive, and works as a spiritual counselor, medium, and trance channel. She is also a musician and composer, and taps the intuitive realms through her music. She released a meditation music CD in 2012 (Journey to Transcendence), and is now working on a new music project which more thoroughly combines channeled information in co-creation with her personal creative process.

To find out more about her work, visit her websites: and


Wednesday August 12th, 2015 9:30am-1:30pm Soul To Soul Connection Readings with Eden Sustin $2 per 1 min.

Seeking your Souls’ Purpose…I am a Physical Medium with the distinct ability to help integrate ones heart & mind with their soul by connecting them to loved ones who have passed on. My sessions are truly unique & completely authentic. I channel the messages from Spirit through Automatic Writing, otherwise known as “Spirit Writing”. It is a form of Mediumship, but the communication is written rather than verbal. You will receive the messages you are meant to hear for better direction & meaning in your life. My sessions do not pertain to religion. The process is purely spiritual.

Spirit writing is the practice of writing while channeling messages from the spirit realm. Those on the Other Side are sometimes strong enough to “push” textual messages across the veil. These messages can be used for healing, communication or other purpose.

My name is Eden Sustin, I am a third generation Physical Medium. I have the ability to help you communicate with your loved ones from the other side. Through this Soul to Soul connection, you will achieve greater peace and understanding of your own life. My sessions are enlightening, empowering emotional, and can be life changing!


Wednesday February 19th, 2015 10:00am – 2:00pm Angel Mentor Sessions with LeeAnn Taylor $45 for 30 min readings

LeeAnn Taylor Angel Mentor. Mother & Author LeeAnn Taylor is an Angel Mentor who brings loving messages through the veil, including: Communication with Angel Guides, departed loved ones, unborn children, and the non-verbal profoundly disabled. Insights into past & future experiences. Details relating to one’s pre-mortal identity, defining spiritual attributes, and life mission. Clarity, Peace, & Hope.

$45 30-minute Individual Session,

$90 60-minute Individual Session,

$25 per person/2-hr Group Session.

Due to Limited Space Please RSVP for your Appointment! CALL 661-252-4103


CALL 661-252-4103


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